In light of recent events

As per May 2015

Due to earthquakes and resulting landslides, access to the road to Tashinam and Simigaon has been cut off 40km outside Jagat.

Jagat in the valley of the Tama Kosi River is the place of departure for the ascent to Tashinam and Simigaon, with a difference in altitude of 1000m. It has been reported that in both places only one single house had remained undamaged. This might be attributed, amongst others, to the fact that the houses in this area are built using quarry stone without cement, because cement would in the first place have to be imported from Kathmandu via the only recently built road until Jagat (which is very expensive) – and then, the locals would have to carry it up to their villages.

The hospital ward in Simigaon has been destroyed, and it has so far remained unclear if and how it could be reconstructed at the same location.

The local nurse has continued to provide the people of Tashinam with medical care, as best she could in a tent. The situation is very difficult because in Nepal, the rainy season extends until mid-September.

For the reconstruction of the hospital ward in a „safer“ place in Tashinam, an estimated €15.000 will be needed.

Our association is in a position to bear the running costs of services at the hospital ward without difficulty. After the hospital ward and also the school in Tashinam have been completely destroyed, however, we heavily rely on donations. All the money we receive is fully remitted and donation receipts are issued.

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