A hospital ward for Tashinam

In the 1990s, sick or injured persons from the Gaurishankar region had to be transported in a 3-day hike and over a distance of 50km to the closest pharmacy. In a drive to produce relief and make initial treatment accessible, Pasang Sherpa from Simigaon suggested to set up a hospital ward in the mountains. Bhakta Bahadur Takuri, who is a member of the managing board of Sahar Samuha Nepal, placed a plot of land of his premises to the disposal of the association. With much blood, sweat and tears as well as the active aid of the residents, a hospital ward was built in 2008 which has successfully operated to this day. Since then, approximately 50 patients per month have received initial treatment here. The associated cost averages out at €300 a month, i.e. €6 per patient. The ward is run by a medically trained nurse.

As per May 2015

Unfortunately, the hospital ward fell victim to the earthquake. We are currently focussing on the construction of emergency shelters and provision with staple foods and basic medical supplies. In the long run, we strive towards the reconstruction of the ward which is now needed more than ever. Donations are most welcome!